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Title: Exclusion of linkage between hypokalemic periodic paralysis (HOKPP) and three candidate loci.

Authors: W L Casley, M Allon, H K Cousin, S S Ting, M A Crackower, L Hashimoto, F Cornélis, J S Beckmann, A J Hudson, G C Ebers

Journal, date & volume: Genomics, 1992 Oct , 14, 493-4

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Hypokalemic periodic paralysis (HOKPP) is an autosomal dominant neuromuscular disorder characterized by flaccid paralysis accompanied by lowered serum potassium levels. We have tested polymorphic markers linked to the adult skeletal muscle sodium channel (SCN4A) locus at 17q23-q25, the T-cell receptor beta (TCRB) locus at 7q35, and the H-Ras cellular proton-cogene locus (HRAS) at 11p15.5 for linkage with the affected phenotype in a single multigenerational pedigree. No evidence for genetic linkage to HOKPP was found at any of the candidate loci.