PubMed 7796919

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Title: Characterization and variation of a human inwardly-rectifying-K-channel gene (KCNJ6): a putative ATP-sensitive K-channel subunit.

Authors: H Sakura, C Bond, M Warren-Perry, S Horsley, L Kearney, S Tucker, J Adelman, R Turner, F M Ashcroft

Journal, date & volume: FEBS Lett., 1995 Jun 26 , 367, 193-7

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The ATP-sensitive K-channel plays a central role in insulin release from pancreatic beta-cells. We report here the cloning of the gene (KCNJ6) encoding a putative subunit of a human ATP-sensitive K-channel expressed in brain and beta-cells, and characterisation of its exon-intron structure. Screening of a somatic cell mapping panel and fluorescent in situ hybridization place the gene on chromosome 21 (21q22.1-22.2). Analysis of single-stranded conformational polymorphisms revealed the presence of two silent polymorphisms (Pro-149: CCG-CCA and Asp-328: GAC-GAT) with similar frequencies in normal and non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients.