PubMed 7556635

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Title: The voltage-dependent K+ channel (Kv1.5) cloned from rabbit heart and facilitation of inactivation of the delayed rectifier current by the rat beta subunit.

Authors: Y Sasaki, K Ishii, K Nunoki, T Yamagishi, N Taira

Journal, date & volume: FEBS Lett., 1995 Sep 18 , 372, 20-4

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We have isolated a cDNA coding for a delayed rectifier K+ channel (RBKV1.5) from rabbit heart. The amino acid sequence of RBKV1.5 displays a homology to that of other K+ channels of Kv1.5 class. Overall amino acid identity between RBKV1.5 channel and Kv1.5 channel of other species is about 85%. RNA blot analysis revealed the expression of the primary transcript in various rabbit tissues, at the highest level in both the atrium and ventricle. When expressed in Xenopus oocytes, RBKV1.5 current showed a delayed rectifier type characteristics, which was converted to rapidly inactivating currents upon coexpression with a beta subunit.