PubMed 9060410

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Title: Mutations in the Cacnl1a4 calcium channel gene are associated with seizures, cerebellar degeneration, and ataxia in tottering and leaner mutant mice.

Authors: J Doyle, X Ren, G Lennon, L Stubbs

Journal, date & volume: Mamm. Genome, 1997 Feb , 8, 113-20

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Tottering and leaner, two mutations of the mouse tottering locus, have been studied extensively as models for human epilepsy. Here we describe the isolation, mapping, and expression analysis of Cacnl1a4, a gene encoding the alpha subunit of a proposed P-type calcium channel, and also report the physical mapping and expression patterns of the orthologous human gene. DNA sequencing and gene expression data demonstrate that Cacnl1a4 mutations are the primary cause of seizures and ataxia in tottering and leaner mutant mice, and suggest that tottering locus mutations and human diseases, episodic ataxia 2 and familial hemiplegic migraine, represent mutations in mouse and human versions of the same channel-encoding gene.