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Title: Genetic variations in five genes involved in the excitement of cardiomyocytes.

Authors: H Iwasa, M Kurabayashi, R Nagai, Y Nakamura, T Tanaka

Journal, date & volume: J. Hum. Genet., 2001 , 46, 549-52

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We provide here 29 genetic variations, including 28 novel ones, in five genes that are potentially involved in the excitement of cardiomyocytes: we found 4 in KCNA10, 2 in KCNK1, 8 in KCNK6, 11 in SLC18A1 (VMAT1), and 4 in SLC6A2 (norepinephrine transporter). We also examined their allelic frequencies in a Japanese population of long QT syndrome-affected and nonaffected individuals. These data would be useful for genetic association studies designed to investigate acquired arrhythmias.