PubMed 12221097

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Automatically associated channels: Kir2.2 , Kir3.2

Title: Inhibition of caspases protects cerebellar granule cells of the weaver mouse from apoptosis and improves behavioral phenotype.

Authors: Jun Peng, Zhijin Wu, Yongqin Wu, Mike Hsu, Fang Feng Stevenson, Rapee Boonplueang, Suzanne K Roffler-Tarlov, Julie K Andersen

Journal, date & volume: J. Biol. Chem., 2002 Nov 15 , 277, 44285-91

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The homozygous mouse mutant weaver exhibits a massive loss of cerebellar granule neurons postnatally. The death of these cells is associated with a single amino acid mutation in the G protein-activated inwardly rectifying potassium channel, Girk2. Evidence suggests that both the mutated Girk2 channel and the calcium channel-associated N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor play important roles in the apoptotic death of weaver cerebellar granule cells, but the downstream events associated with this process are unknown. In this study, we demonstrate that the consequences of the mutation result in caspase activation. In addition, our results show that caspase inhibition in vivo decreases caspase activation and granule cell apoptosis and significantly improves behavioral deficits associated with the weaver's phenotype.