PubMed 12794312

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Title: Nuclear immunostaining in rat neuronal cells using two anti-Kir2.2 ion channel polyclonal antibodies.

Authors: Anthony H Stonehouse, Blair D Grubb, J Howard Pringle, Robert I Norman, Peter R Stanfield, William J Brammar

Journal, date & volume: J. Mol. Neurosci., 2003 Apr , 20, 189-94

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The inwardly rectifying potassium ion channel Kir2.2 has recently been demonstrated to have nuclear and plasma membrane subcellular localization. Nuclear expression of Kir2.2 is controversial, as a functional role for Kir2.0 potassium channels in the nucleus has not been investigated. However, in this report we have demonstrated Kir2.2 nuclear localization in sections of rat hindbrain and dorsal root ganglia tissue, using two anti- Kir2.2 polyclonal antisera with different epitope specificities. These data confirm nuclear localization and are suggestive of new functions of Kir2.0 potassium ion channels in the nucleus.