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Title: KCNK1 inhibits osteoclastogenesis by blocking the Ca2+ oscillation and JNK-NFATc1 signaling axis.

Authors: Jeong-Tae Yeon, Kwang-Jin Kim, Sang Woo Chun, Hae In Lee, Ji Yeon Lim, Young-Jin Son, Seong Hwan Kim, Sik-Won Choi

Journal, date & volume: J. Cell. Sci., 2015 Sep 15 , 128, 3411-9

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KCNK1 (K(+) channel, subfamily K, member 1) is a member of the inwardly rectifying K(+) channel family, which drives the membrane potential towards the K(+) balance potential. Here, we investigated its functional relevance during osteoclast differentiation. KCNK1 was significantly induced during osteoclast differentiation, but its functional overexpression significantly inhibited osteoclast differentiation induced by RANKL (also known as TNFSF11), which was accompanied by the attenuation of the RANKL-induced Ca(2+) oscillation, JNK activation and NFATc1 expression. In contrast, KCNK1 knockdown enhanced the RANKL-induced osteoclast differentiation, JNK activation and NFATc1 expression. In conclusion, we suggest that KCNK1 is a negative regulator of osteoclast differentiation; the increase of K(+) influx by its functional blockade might inhibit osteoclast differentiation by inhibiting Ca(2+) oscillation and the JNK-NFATc1 signaling axis. Together with the increased attention on the pharmacological possibilities of using channel inhibition in the treatment of osteoclast-related disorders, further understanding of the functional roles and mechanisms of K(+) channels underlying osteoclast-related diseases could be helpful in developing relevant therapeutic strategies.