PubMed 25591931

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Title: Evolution of acidic Ca²⁺ stores and their resident Ca²⁺-permeable channels.

Authors: Sandip Patel, Xinjiang Cai

Journal, date & volume: Cell Calcium, 2015 Mar , 57, 222-30

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Acidic Ca(2+) stores refer to a collection of H(+)- and Ca(2+)-rich organelles involved in Ca(2+) signalling across taxonomic kingdoms. They include lysosomes, lysosome-related organelles, secretory vesicles, vacuoles and acidocalcisomes. Acidic Ca(2+) stores express several types of Ca(2+)-permeable channels belonging to the TRP, TPC, P2X and IP3/ryanodine receptor families. The channels have distinct phylogenomic profiles, and each acidic Ca(2+) store possesses a distinct Ca(2+) channel portfolio. The functions of acidic Ca(2+) stores appear to be conserved in processes such as signalling, membrane traffic and "auto-secretion". Thus, despite substantial variation in form, acidic Ca(2+) stores may function similarly across the natural world.