PubMed 25366238

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Title: Thermal sensitivity of CLC and TMEM16 chloride channels and transporters.

Authors: Michael Pusch, Giovanni Zifarelli

Journal, date & volume: Curr Top Membr, 2014 , 74, 213-31

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Cl(-) transport is of fundamental importance in the most diverse physiological contexts and it is mediated by a variety of ion channels and transporters belonging to different protein families. In particular, the recently identified TMEM16 protein family comprises the long sought Ca(2+)-activated Cl(-) channel (CaCC) and the activity of one of its members, TMEM16A, is highly dependent on temperature and is involved in thermal nociception. Among the other protein families mediating Cl(-) transport, CLC proteins are also regulated by temperature although so far the physiological implications of this dependence are unknown.