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Title: Successful sulfonylurea treatment of a neonate with neonatal diabetes mellitus due to a novel missense mutation, p.P1199L, in the ABCC8 gene.

Authors: O Oztekin, E Durmaz, S Kalay, S E Flanagan, S Ellard, I Bircan

Journal, date & volume: J Perinatol, 2012 Aug , 32, 645-7

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Neonatal/infancy-onset diabetes mellitus is a monogenic form of diabetes with onset within 6 months of age. Two distinct types of neonatal diabetes mellitus have been recognized: permanent and transient. Mutations within the K(+)ATP channel and insulin genes are found in most patients with permanent diabetes mellitus. There have been several reports of the successful transition from insulin to sulfonylurea agents in patients with permanent diabetes mellitus caused by mutations in the KCNJ11 gene. We report on a term female neonate with a novel missense mutation, p.P1199L, in the ABCC8 gene that encodes the sulfonylurea receptor 1 whose treatment was successfully converted from insulin to sulfonylurea.