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Title: Distribution of the purinegic receptors P2X(4) and P2X(6) during rat gut development.

Authors: Guadalupe García-Alcocer, Karla Padilla, Angelina Rodríguez, Ricardo Miledi, Laura C Berumen

Journal, date & volume: , 2011 Dec 31 , ,

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The purinergic receptors P2X(4) and P2X(6) are ion channels activated by ATP. These receptors are present in the gastrointestinal tract, and they are involved in synaptic transmission, taste sensation, and pain, among other functions. In this work, we studied the distribution of P2X(4) and P2X(6) receptors in proximal and distal regions of the gut newborn and adult rats. Using immunohistochemistry, purinergic receptors were found in gut epithelial cells and capillary vessels. In both proximal and distal regions of newborn rats, we observed P2X(4) signal in epithelial cells, whereas P2X(6) was present in capillary vessels in the proximal region and to a lesser extent in the distal region. In both regions of adult gut, we observed P2X(4) and P2X(6) immunostain in the capillary vessels. Semi-quantification indicated a significant difference in the amount of P2X(4) between proximal regions, whereas the P2X(6) content of both newborn regions differed from that in adult proximal gut. We conclude that P2X(4) and P2X(6) purinoreceptors are present in the gut from birth and that they are differentially distributed among regions.