PubMed 21551266

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Title: Ion channels as target effectors for carbon monoxide.

Authors: Chris Peers

Journal, date & volume: , 2011 May 6 , ,

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Our understanding of carbon monoxide (CO) as an endogenous signalling molecule has expanded enormously in recent years, to the point where it can now be safely exploited therapeutically. In more recent years, the ability of CO to modulate ion channel activity has added further diversity to its activity. Here, I summarize briefly the established ion channel targets of CO and describe in more detail its actions on two example ion channels (the cardiac L-type Ca(2+) channel and the neuronal delayed rectifier, Kv2.1). The physiological consequences of such modulation are also considered. It is clear that our knowledge of the cellular effects of this gas is incomplete, and further study is required to further understand and so more fully exploit its therapeutic potential.