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Title: Role of G protein-gated inwardly rectifying potassium channels in P2Y12 receptor-mediated platelet functional responses.

Authors: Haripriya Shankar, Swaminathan Murugappan, Soochong Kim, Jianguo Jin, Zhongren Ding, Kevin Wickman, Satya P Kunapuli

Journal, date & volume: Blood, 2004 Sep 1 , 104, 1335-43

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The role of the G(i)-coupled platelet P2Y(12) receptor in platelet function has been well established. However, the functional effector or effectors contributing directly to alphaIIbbeta3 activation in human platelets has not been delineated. As the P2Y(12) receptor has been shown to activate G protein-gated, inwardly rectifying potassium (GIRK) channels, we investigated whether GIRK channels mediate any of the functional responses of the platelet P2Y(12) receptor. Western blot analysis revealed that platelets express GIRK1, GIRK2, and GIRK4. In aspirin-treated and washed human platelets, 2 structurally distinct GIRK inhibitors, SCH23390 (R(+)-7-chloro-8-hydroxy-3-methyl-1-phenyl-2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1H-3-benzazepine hydrochloride) and U50488H (trans-(+/-)-3,4-dichloro-N-methyl-N-[2-(pyrrolidinyl)cyclohexyl] benzeneacetamide methanesulfonate), inhibited adenosine diphosphate (ADP)-, 2-methylthioADP (2-MeSADP)-, U46619-, and low-dose thrombin-mediated platelet aggregation. However, the GIRK channel inhibitors did not affect platelet aggregation induced by high concentrations of thrombin, AYPGKF, or convulxin. Furthermore, the GIRK channel inhibitors reversed SFLLRN-induced platelet aggregation, inhibited the P2Y(12)-mediated potentiation of dense granule secretion and Akt phosphorylation, and did not affect the agonist-induced G(q)-mediated platelet shape change and intracellular calcium mobilization. Unlike AR-C 69931MX, a P2Y(12) receptor-selective antagonist, the GIRK channel blockers did not affect the ADP-induced adenlylyl cyclase inhibition, indicating that they do not directly antagonize the P2Y(12) receptor. We conclude that GIRK channels are important functional effectors of the P2Y(12) receptor in human platelets.