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Title: [Inhibition of GABA-activated currents in isolated rat DRG neurons by bradykinin].

Authors: C Y Lu, J Q Si, Z W Li

Journal, date & volume: Sheng Li Xue Bao, 1998 Aug , 50, 373-8

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In the present paper, the modulation of GABA-activated currents by bradykinin (BK) was studied in DRG neurons freshly isolated from rat using whole-cell patch-clamp techniques. Among the neurons (n = 34) responding to GABA, 27 were sensitive to BK. Pre-application of BK, eliciting an inward current alone, inhibited GABA-activated current markedly. For example, 10(-6) mol/L BK suppressed GABA-activated current by about 30%. BK shifted the GABA dose-response curve downward obviously and depressed the maximal response to GABA by 1/3 or more while the Kd value was unchanged. The results suggest that BK inhibits GABA-activated current noncompetitively in rat DRG neurons.