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Title: 32nd National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium--medicinal chemistry developments for cancer, and cardiovascular, metabolic and psychiatric disorders.

Authors: Deborah Gater

Journal, date & volume: IDrugs, 2010 Aug , 13, 517-9

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The 32nd National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, held in Minneapolis, MN, USA, included topics covering new developments in the field of medicinal chemistry. This conference report highlights selected presentations on Hsp90 inhibitors and Hsp70 inducers, such as KU-32 and KU-174 (University of Kansas); natural products in drug design, such as minnelide (University of Minnesota) and tylocrebrine; novel compounds from Merck for metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, such as MK-7725, a series of DDP4 inhibitors and KV1.5 ion channel antagonists; and the discovery of the VEGFR2 kinase inhibitor AMG-429 (Amgen Inc).