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Automatically associated channels: Nav1.2 , Nav1.5

Title: Pharmacological modulation of brain Nav1.2 and cardiac Nav1.5 subtypes by the local anesthetic ropivacaine.

Authors: Hui-Wen Cheng, Hong-Tian Yang, Jing-Jing Zhou, Yong-Hua Ji, Hong-Yan Zhu

Journal, date & volume: Neurosci Bull, 2010 Aug , 26, 289-96

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The present study was aimed to investigate the pharmacological modulatory effects of ropivacaine, an amide-type local anesthetic, on rat Nav1.2 (rNav1.2) and rNav1.5, the two Na(+) channel isoforms heterologously expressed in Xenopus oocytes and in HEK293t cell line, respectively.Two-electrode voltage-clamp (TEVC) and whole-cell patch-clamp recordings were employed to record the whole-cell currents.Ropivacaine induced tonic inhibition of peak Na(+) currents of both subtypes in a dose- and frequency-dependent manner. rNav1.5 appeared to be more sensitive to ropivacaine. In addition, for both Na(+) channel subtypes, the steady-state inactivation curves, but not the activation curves, were significantly shifted to the hyperpolarizing direction by ropivacaine. Use-dependent blockade of both rNav1.2 and rNav1.5 channels was induced by ropivacaine through a high frequency of depolarization, suggesting that ropivacaine could preferentially bind to the 2 inactivated Na(+) channel isoforms.The results will be helpful in understanding the pharmacological modulation by ropivacaine on Nav1.2 subtype in the central nervous system, and on Nav1.5 subtype abundantly expressed in the heart.