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Title: Polymorphisms of KCNJ11 (Kir6.2 gene) are associated with Type 2 diabetes and hypertension in the Korean population.

Authors: B K Koo, Y M Cho, B L Park, H S Cheong, H D Shin, H C Jang, S Y Kim, H K Lee, K S Park

Journal, date & volume: Diabet. Med., 2007 Feb , 24, 178-86

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Kir6.2 is found in the pancreatic B-cell, cardiac and skeletal muscle and non-vascular smooth muscle. KCNJ11, encoding Kir6.2, has been shown to be associated with both Type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease in several populations. In this study, we investigated whether polymorphisms in KCNJ11 are associated with Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic phenotypes in the Korean population.We sequenced KCNJ11 to identify common polymorphisms using 24 Korean DNA samples. Of the 14 polymorphisms found in KCNJ11, six common ones [genomic sequence (g.)-1709A>T, g.-1525T>C, g.67G>A (E23K), g.570C>T (A190A), g.1009A>G (I337V), and g.1388C>T] were genotyped in 761 Type 2 diabetic patients and in 630 non-diabetic subjects.All the polymorphic loci in KCNJ11 are in strong linkage disequilibrium in the Korean population and act as one haplotype block. g.67G>A and g.1009A>G were associated with an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes [age, sex, and body mass index (BMI)-adjusted odds ratios (OR) = 1.376 (1.085-1.745), P = 0.008 and 1.411 (1.111-1.791), P = 0.005, respectively], as was one haplotype (A-T-A-C-G-C in the order of polymorphisms as shown above) containing g.67A and g.1009G [OR = 1.359 (1.080-1.709), P = 0.009]. The haplotype (A-T-A-C-G-C) was also strongly associated with hypertension [OR = 1.655 (1.288-2.126), P < 0.001].Polymorphisms in KCNJ11 are associated with Type 2 diabetes and also with hypertension in the Korean population.