PubMed 10734232

Title: A family of gamma-like calcium channel subunits.

Authors: N Klugbauer, S Dai, V Specht, L Lacinova, E Marais, G Bohn, F Hofmann

Journal, date & volume: FEBS Lett., 2000 Mar 24 , 470, 189-97

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The gamma subunit was initially identified as an auxiliary subunit of the skeletal muscle calcium channel complex. Evidence for the existence of further gamma subunits arose following the characterization of a genetic defect that induces epileptic seizures in stargazer mice. We present here the first account of a family of at least five putative gamma subunits that are predominantly expressed in brain. The gamma-2 and gamma-4 subunits shift the steady-state inactivation curve to more hyperpolarized potentials upon coexpression with the P/Q type alpha(1A) subunit. The coexpression of the gamma-5 subunit accelerates the time course of current activation and inactivation of the alpha(1G) T-type calcium channel.