PubMed 11390773

Title: Maxi-K(Ca), a Unique Member of the Voltage-Gated K Channel Superfamily.

Authors: L. Toro, M. Wallner, P. Meera, Y. Tanaka

Journal, date & volume: News Physiol. Sci., 1998 Jun , 13, 112-117

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Large-conductance, voltage-, and Ca(2+)-sensitive K(+) (maxi-K(Ca)) channels regulate neuronal and smooth muscle excitability. Their pore-forming alpha-subunit shows similarities with voltage-gated channels and indeed can open in the practical absence of Ca(2+). The NH(2) terminus is unique, with a seventh transmembrane segment involved in beta-subunit modulation. The long COOH terminus is implied in Ca(2+) modulation.