PubMed 10906485

Title: Developmentally regulated expression of the murine ortholog of the potassium channel KIR4.2 (KCNJ15).

Authors: E Thiery, P Gosset, D Damotte, A L Delezoide, N de Saint-Sauveur, C Vayssettes, N Créau

Journal, date & volume: Mech. Dev., 2000 Jul , 95, 313-6

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The gene KIR4.2 (K(+) inwardly rectifying channel 4.2) has been recently identified in the Down syndrome Chromosome Region 1. We have cloned the mouse ortholog of KIR4.2 and characterized its expression pattern. In situ hybridization showed a restricted and developmentally regulated pattern of expression. The expression is starting at E12.5 and expands at E14.5 in different tissues and organs, which may be affected in Down syndrome: heart, thymus, thyroid gland, and perichondrium. At E17.5, additional epithelia (kidney, bladder, stomach, lung) expressed also strongly the gene.