PubMed 7604285

Title: HERG, a human inward rectifier in the voltage-gated potassium channel family.

Authors: M C Trudeau, J W Warmke, B Ganetzky, G A Robertson

Journal, date & volume: Science, 1995 Jul 7 , 269, 92-5

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In contrast to other members of the Eag family of voltage-gated, outwardly rectifying potassium channels, the human eag-related gene (HERG) has now been shown to encode an inwardly rectifying potassium channel. The properties of HERG channels are consistent with the gating properties of Eag-related and other outwardly rectifying, S4-containing potassium channels, but with the addition of an inactivation mechanism that attenuates potassium efflux during depolarization. Because mutations in HERG cause a form of long-QT syndrome, these properties of HERG channel function may be critical to the maintenance of normal cardiac rhythmicity.