PubMed 24681779

Title: Gene identification of potential malignant parathyroid tumors phenotype in Chinese population.

Authors: Jianguo Zhao, Ya Hu, Quan Liao, Zheyu Niu, Xiaoping Xing, Weibo Xia, Yupei Zhao

Journal, date & volume: Endocr. J., 2014 , 61, 597-605

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Parathyroid carcinoma is a rare tumor associated with poor prognosis, thus early preoperative recognition and surgical resection are critical. However, because of a lack of definitive diagnostic markers and typical clinical features, it is difficult to diagnose this disease in its early stages and it is often misdiagnosed as parathyroid adenoma. Additionally, little is known about the molecular pathogenesis of parathyroid carcinoma because of its rarity. To better understand the molecular genetics of parathyroid carcinoma in the Chinese population, we undertook gene expression profiling of eight parathyroid tumors (five parathyroid adenomas and three parathyroid carcinomas) and five normal parathyroid samples. Differential gene sets between the groups were identified, which may serve as diagnostic biomarkers. Using both gene and protein expression, we demonstrated that CD24, HMOX1, VCAM1 and KCNA3 are useful markers for parathyroid carcinoma. Our findings provide insights into the molecular mechanisms of parathyroid tumorigenesis and may help to improve the diagnosis and treatment of parathyroid carcinoma.