PubMed 23416720

Title: Analysis of the K+ current in human CD4+ T lymphocytes in hypercholesterolemic state.

Authors: Sándor Somodi, András Balajthy, Orsolya Szilágyi, Zoltán Pethő, Mariann Harangi, György Paragh, Gyorgy Panyi, Péter Hajdu

Journal, date & volume: Cell. Immunol., 2013 Jan , 281, 20-6

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Atherosclerosis involves immune mechanisms: T lymphocytes are found in atherosclerotic plaques, suggesting their activation during atherogenesis. The predominant voltage-gated potassium channel of T cells, Kv1.3 is a key regulator of the Ca(2+)-dependent activation pathway. In the present experiments we studied the proliferation capacity and functional changes of Kv1.3 channels in T cells from healthy and hypercholestaeremic patients. By means of CFSE-assay (carboxyfluorescein succinimidyl ester) we showed that spontaneous activation rate of lymphocytes in hypercholesterolemia was elevated and the antiCD3/antiCD28 co-stimulation was less effective as compared to the healthy group. Using whole-cell patch-clamping we obtained that the activation and deactivation kinetics of Kv1.3 channels were faster in hypercholesterolemic state but no change in other parameters of Kv1.3 were found (inactivation kinetics, steady-state activation, expression level). We suppose that incorporation of oxLDL species via its raft-rupturing effect can modify proliferative rate of T cells as well as the gating of Kv1.3 channels.