PubMed 8158277

Title: Contrasting subcellular localization of the Kv1.2 K+ channel subunit in different neurons of rat brain.

Authors: M Sheng, M L Tsaur, Y N Jan, L Y Jan

Journal, date & volume: J. Neurosci., 1994 Apr , 14, 2408-17

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In the nervous system, a wide diversity of K+ channels are formed by the oligomeric assembly of subunits encoded by a large number of K+ channel genes. The physiological functions of a specific K+ channel subunit in vivo will be dictated in part by its subcellular location within neurons. We have used a combined in situ hybridization and immunocytochemical approach to determine the subcellular distribution of Kv1.2, a member of the Shaker subfamily of K+ channel genes. In contrast to other characterized K+ channel subunits, Kv1.2 protein shows a complex differential subcellular distribution in neurons of rat brain. In some of these neurons (e.g., hippocampal and cortical pyramidal cells, and Purkinje cells), Kv1.2 is concentrated in dendrites, while in others (e.g., cerebellar basket cells), Kv 1.2 is predominantly, if not exclusively, localized to nerve terminals. Furthermore, Kv1.2 immunoreactivity was also detected in certain axon tracts. We hypothesize that the differential sorting of Kv1.2 could result from association of Kv1.2 with varying heterologous K+ channel subunits in different cell types, with the implication that Kv1.2 may participate in distinct heteromultimeric K+ channels in different subcellular domains. The findings suggest that Kv1.2-containing K+ channels may play diverse functional roles in several neuronal compartments, regulating presynaptic or postsynaptic membrane excitability, depending on the neuronal cell type.