PubMed 737709

Title: Ultrastructural evidence for adrenergic nerve degeneration in the guinea pig uterus during pregnancy.

Authors: B Sporrong, P Alm, C Owman, N O Sjöberg, G Thorbert

Journal, date & volume: Cell Tissue Res., 1978 Dec 14 , 195, 189-93

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In the guinea pig myometrium, the adrenergic nerves selectively demonstrated at the ultrastructural level after treatment with 5-OH-DA, show varying degree of degeneration during pregnancy. The changes are more extensive in a late gestational stage (40-45 days) than in an early one (20-25 days), and are particularly evident in the uterus overlying the conceptus as compared to the regions between the fetuses. Scattered degenerative changes were also observed in myometrial specimens from virgin animals, but probably reflect the normal continuous turnover of axons.