PubMed 2446328

Title: Tissue-specific expression of the RI and RII sodium channel subtypes.

Authors: D Gordon, D Merrick, V Auld, R Dunn, A L Goldin, N Davidson, W A Catterall

Journal, date & volume: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 1987 Dec , 84, 8682-6

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Anti-peptide antibodies that distinguish between the rat brain sodium channel subtypes referred to as RI and RII were prepared and used to determine their relative expression in nerve and muscle tissues. Sodium channels purified from rat brain are approximately 18% RI and 80% RII. In brain, the RII subtype is preferentially expressed with RI/RII ratios ranging from 0.07 in the hippocampus to 0.17 in the cerebral cortex. The RI subtype is preferentially expressed in more caudal areas of the central nervous system with values of RI/RII of 0.98 for medulla oblongata and 2.2 for spinal cord. Expression of additional unidentified sodium channel subtype(s) is detected in midbrain, medulla, and spinal cord, and expression of unidentified sodium channel subtypes predominates over expression of RI and RII in retina and optic nerve. The RI and RII subtypes are primarily expressed in the central nervous system and are not detected in significant numbers in skeletal or cardiac muscle, sympathetic ganglia, adrenal medulla, sciatic nerve, or cauda equina. The RII subtype appears first in development of both brain and spinal cord but declines in adult spinal cord as the RI subtype increases. The strict regional expression of these two sodium channel subtypes suggests that they may have distinct functional properties or physiological roles.