PubMed 21396429

Title: One novel Dravet syndrome causing mutation and one recurrent MAE causing mutation in SCN1A gene.

Authors: Iglika Yordanova, Tihomir Todorov, Petia Dimova, Dimitrina Hristova, Radka Tincheva, Ivan Litvinenko, Olga Yotovska, Ivo Kremensky, Albena Todorova

Journal, date & volume: Neurosci. Lett., 2011 Apr 25 , 494, 180-3

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Mutations in SCN1A gene, encoding the voltage-gated sodium channel α1-subunit, are found to be associated with severe myoclonic epilepsy in infancy or Dravet syndrome (DS), but only rarely with the myoclonic astatic epilepsy (MAE, or Doose syndrome). We report on two patients with SCN1A mutations and severe epilepsy within the spectrum of generalized epilepsy with febrile seizures plus syndrome (GEFS+), the phenotypes being consistent with DS and MAE, respectively. Analysis of SCN1A revealed a heterozygous de novo frameshift mutation (c.4205_4208delGAAA) in the patient with DS, and a recurrent missense mutation (c.3521C>G) in that suffering from MAE. The missense mutation has been reported in patients with neurological diseases of various manifestations, which suggests that this variability is likely to result from the modifying effects of other genetic or environmental factors. DS phenotype has been mainly found associated with truncation mutations, while predominantly missense mutations and very few prematurely terminating substitutions have been reported in GEFS+ patients.