PubMed 10903572

Title: H2 histamine receptor-phosphorylation of Kv3.2 modulates interneuron fast spiking.

Authors: M Atzori, D Lau, E P Tansey, A Chow, A Ozaita, B Rudy, C J McBain

Journal, date & volume: Nat. Neurosci., 2000 Aug , 3, 791-8

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Histamine-containing neurons of the tuberomammilary nucleus project to the hippocampal formation to innervate H1 and H2 receptors on both principal and inhibitory interneurons. Here we show that H2 receptor activation negatively modulates outward currents through Kv3.2-containing potassium channels by a mechanism involving PKA phosphorylation in inhibitory interneurons. PKA phosphorylation of Kv3.2 lowered the maximum firing frequency of inhibitory neurons, which in turn negatively modulated high-frequency population oscillations recorded in principal cell layers. All these effects were absent in a Kv3.2 knockout mouse. These data reveal a novel pathway for histamine-dependent regulation of high-frequency oscillations within the hippocampal formation.