Description: chloride channel Ka
Gene: Clcnka     Synonyms: clc-k1



RGD ID Chromosome Position Species
68435 5 160274377-160290369 Rat
68652 4 140940526-140954621 Mouse
68651 1 16348486-16360545 Human

Clcnka : chloride channel Ka



Acc No Sequence Length Source
NM_053327 n/A n/A NCBI
NM_024412 n/A n/A NCBI
NM_001146307 n/A n/A NCBI
NM_004070 n/A n/A NCBI
NM_001042704 n/A n/A NCBI



Accession Name Definition Evidence
GO:0005783 endoplasmic reticulum The irregular network of unit membranes, visible only by electron microscopy, that occurs in the cytoplasm of many eukaryotic cells. The membranes form a complex meshwork of tubular channels, which are often expanded into slitlike cavities called cisternae. The ER takes two forms, rough (or granular), with ribosomes adhering to the outer surface, and smooth (with no ribosomes attached). IDA
GO:0005887 integral to plasma membrane Penetrating at least one phospholipid bilayer of a plasma membrane. May also refer to the state of being buried in the bilayer with no exposure outside the bilayer. IDA
GO:0016324 apical plasma membrane The region of the plasma membrane located at the apical end of the cell. IDA
GO:0016323 basolateral plasma membrane The region of the plasma membrane that includes the basal end and sides of the cell. Often used in reference to animal polarized epithelial membranes, where the basal membrane is the part attached to the extracellular matrix, or in plant cells, where the basal membrane is defined with respect to the zygotic axis. IDA
GO:0016020 membrane Double layer of lipid molecules that encloses all cells, and, in eukaryotes, many organelles; may be a single or double lipid bilayer; also includes associated proteins. IEA
GO:0034707 chloride channel complex An ion channel complex through which chloride ions pass. IEA




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