PubMed 18187934

Title: Open channel block of Kv3.1 currents by fluoxetine.

Authors: Min Ji Sung, Hye Sook Ahn, Sang June Hahn, Bok Hee Choi

Journal, date & volume: J. Pharmacol. Sci., 2008 Jan , 106, 38-45

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The action of fluoxetine, a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, on the cloned neuronal rat Kv3.1 channels stably expressed in Chinese hamster ovary cells was investigated using the whole-cell patch-clamp technique. Fluoxetine reduced Kv3.1 whole-cell currents in a reversible, concentration-dependent manner, with an IC(50) value and a Hill coefficient of 13.4 muM and 1.4, respectively. Fluoxetine accelerated the decay rate of inactivation of Kv3.1 currents without modifying the kinetics of current activation. The inhibition increased steeply between 0 and +30 mV, which corresponded with the voltage range for channel opening. In the voltage range positive to +30 mV, inhibition displayed a weak voltage dependence, consistent with an electrical distance delta of 0.38. The binding (k(+1)) and dissociation (k(-1)) rate constants for fluoxetine-induced block of Kv3.1 were 5.7 microM(-1)s(-1) and 53.5 s(-1), respectively. The theoretical K(D) value derived by k(-1)/k(+1) yielded 9.3 microM. Fluoxetine did not affect the ion selectivity of Kv3.1. Fluoxetine slowed the deactivation time course, resulting in a tail crossover phenomenon when the tail currents, recorded in the presence and absence of fluoxetine, were superimposed. Inhibition of Kv3.1 by fluoxetine was use-dependent. The present results suggest that fluoxetine acts on Kv3.1 currents as an open-channel blocker.