Description: chloride channel 2
Gene: Clcn2     Synonyms: clc2, clc-2, clcn2



RGD ID Chromosome Position Species
2361 11 82427792-82441293 Rat
736064 16 20703039-20716709 Mouse
733366 3 184063976-184079391 Human

Clcn2 : chloride channel 2



Acc No Sequence Length Source
NM_017137 n/A n/A NCBI
NM_009900 n/A n/A NCBI
NM_004366 n/A n/A NCBI
NM_001171087 n/A n/A NCBI
NM_001171088 n/A n/A NCBI
NM_001171089 n/A n/A NCBI



Accession Name Definition Evidence
GO:0005626 insoluble fraction That fraction of cells, prepared by disruptive biochemical methods, that is not soluble in water. ISS
GO:0016020 membrane Double layer of lipid molecules that encloses all cells, and, in eukaryotes, many organelles; may be a single or double lipid bilayer; also includes associated proteins. IEA
GO:0043204 perikaryon The portion of the cell soma (cell body) that excludes the nucleus. IDA
GO:0016021 integral to membrane Penetrating at least one phospholipid bilayer of a membrane. May also refer to the state of being buried in the bilayer with no exposure outside the bilayer. When used to describe a protein, indicates that all or part of the peptide sequence is embedded in the membrane. IEA
GO:0015629 actin cytoskeleton The part of the cytoskeleton (the internal framework of a cell) composed of actin and associated proteins. Includes actin cytoskeleton-associated complexes. ISS
GO:0034707 chloride channel complex An ion channel complex through which chloride ions pass. IEA
GO:0030425 dendrite A neuron projection that has a short, tapering, often branched, morphology, receives and integrates signals from other neurons or from sensory stimuli, and conducts a nerve impulse towards the axon or the cell body. In most neurons, the impulse is conveyed from dendrites to axon via the cell body, but in some types of unipolar neuron, the impulse does not travel via the cell body. IDA




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