PubMed 16652168

Title: Early events in node of Ranvier formation during myelination and remyelination in the PNS.

Authors: Dorothy P Schafer, Andrew W Custer, Peter Shrager, Matthew N Rasband

Journal, date & volume: Neuron Glia Biol., 2006 May , 2, 69-79

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Action potential conduction velocity increases dramatically during early development as axons become myelinated. Integral to this process is the clustering of voltage-gated Na(+) (Nav) channels at regularly spaced gaps in the myelin sheath called nodes of Ranvier. We show here that some aspects of peripheral node of Ranvier formation are distinct from node formation in the CNS. For example, at CNS nodes, Nav1.2 channels are detected first, but are then replaced by Nav1.6. Similarly, during remyelination in the CNS, Nav1.2 channels are detected at newly forming nodes. By contrast, the earliest Nav-channel clusters detected during developmental myelination in the PNS have Nav1.6. Further, during PNS remyelination, Nav1.6 is detected at new nodes. Finally, we show that accumulation of the cell adhesion molecule neurofascin always precedes Nav channel clustering in the PNS. In most cases axonal neurofascin (NF-186) accumulates first, but occasionally paranodal neurofascin is detected first. We suggest there is heterogeneity in the events leading to Nav channel clustering, indicating that multiple mechanisms might contribute to node of Ranvier formation in the PNS.