PubMed 7752544

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Automatically associated channels: ClCK1 , ClvC3 , ClvC4

Title: ClC family in the kidney.

Authors: S Sasaki, S Uchida, M Kawasaki, S Adachi, F Marumo

Journal, date & volume: Jpn. J. Physiol., 1994 , 44 Suppl 2, S3-8

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PCR cloning strategy was used to isolate cDNAs of ClC family members in the kidney. Three new members, named ClC-K1, ClC-K2, ClC-3, have been isolated. Functional expression studies in the Xenopus oocytes confirmed that these are chloride channel proteins. Northern blot and immunohistochemistry showed that ClC-K1 and ClC-K2 are selectively expressed in the kidney, while ClC-3 distributes in a variety of organs such as brain, lung, and kidney. Identification and characterization of new ClC channel proteins will contribute to a better understanding of chloride transport in the kidney.