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Title: Chromosomal mapping in the mouse of eight K(+)-channel genes representing the four Shaker-like subfamilies Shaker, Shab, Shaw, and Shal.

Authors: R Klocke, S L Roberds, M M Tamkun, M Gronemeier, A Augustin, B Albrecht, O Pongs, H Jockusch

Journal, date & volume: Genomics, 1993 Dec , 18, 568-74

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The four Shaker-like subfamilies of Shaker-, Shab-, Shaw-, and Shal-related K+ channels in mammals have been defined on the basis of their sequence homologies to the corresponding Drosophila genes. Using interspecific backcrosses between Mus musculus and Mus spretus, we have chromosomally mapped in the mouse the Shaker-related K(+)-channel genes Kcna1, Kcna2, Kcna4, Kcna5, and Kcna6; the Shab-related gene Kcnb1; the Shaw-related gene Kcnc4; and the Shal-related gene Kcnd2. The following localizations were determined: Chr 2, cen-Acra-Kcna4-Pax-6-a-Pck-1-Kras-3-Kcn b1 (corresponding human Chrs 11p and 20q, respectively); Chr 3, cen-Hao-2-(Kcna2, Kcnc4)-Amy-1 (human Chr 1); and Chr 6, cen-Cola-2-Met-Kcnd2-Cpa-Tcrb-adr/Clc-1-Hox-1.1-Myk - 103-Raf-1-(Tpi-1, Kcna1, Kcna5, Kcna6) (human Chrs 7q and 12p, respectively). Thus, there is a cluster of at least three Shaker-related K(+)-channel genes on distal mouse Chr 6 and a cluster on Chr 2 that at least consists of one Shaker-related and one Shaw-related gene. The three other K(+)-channel genes are not linked to each other. The map positions of the different types of K(+)-channel genes in the mouse are discussed in relation to those of their homologs in man and to hereditary diseases of mouse and man that might involve K+ channels.