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Title: [Neurons in the corpus callosum of rats: expression of Cav2.2 and their connection]

Authors: Jian-shui Zhang, Yong Liu, Jie-hua Xu, Peng-bo Yang, Xin-li Xiao, Xin-lin Chen, Yu-mei Tian, Jun-feng Zhang

Journal, date & volume: Zhong Nan Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban, 2008 Feb , 33, 99-102

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To prove the existence neurons in the rat corpus callosum, the potential function of these neurons and their connection.Immunohistochemistry was used performed to examine the expressions of NeuN, a mature neuron marker,and N-type voltage-dependent valcium channel alpha1-subunit (Cav2.2)in the section of the rat corpus callosum. Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) normal sodium solution (30%), the retrograde tracer,was injected under the frontal forceps of corpus callousm and HRP absorbed by the process of neurons in the brain slices was stained with tetramethyl benzidine.There were some NeuN positive cells in the rat corpus callosum and Cav2.2 was detected in some of these NeuN positive cells.Neurons with positive HRP were found in the rat corpus callosum and some of these neurons connected to the cortex or corpus striatum.There are a few neurons in the corpus callosum of adult rats and some of them express Cav2.2. Neurons in the corpus callosum have connections with the brain cortex or corpora striatum.