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Title: Physical linkage of the human growth hormone gene cluster and the skeletal muscle sodium channel alpha-subunit gene (SCN4A) on chromosome 17.

Authors: I M Bennani-Baiti, B K Jones, S A Liebhaber, N E Cooke

Journal, date & volume: Genomics, 1995 Oct 10 , 29, 647-52

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The human growth hormone (GH) locus, a cluster of five genes, spans 47 kb on chromosome 17q22-q24. The skeletal muscle sodium channel alpha-subunit locus (SCN4A), a 32.5-kb gene, has previously been mapped to 17q23.1-q25.3. We demonstrate that both the GH gene cluster and the SCN4A gene colocalize to a single 525-kb yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) containing DNA derived from human chromosome 17. Restriction maps of two cosmids encompassing the 5' terminus of the GH locus and including up to 40 kb of 5'-flanking sequences demonstrate a perfect 20-kb overlap with previously published maps of the SCN4A gene. A 720-bp DNA segment, encompassing sequences 32.3 to 31.6 kb 5' to GH, was sequenced and found to be identical to exon 14 of SCN4A. These data demonstrate that the SCN4A gene and the entire GH gene cluster are contained within 100 kb on chromosome 17 and are separated by only 21.5 kb. Remarkably, this physical linkage between GH and SCN4A also reveals that multiple elements critical to tissue-specific transcriptional activation of the GH gene lie within the SCN4A gene.