PubMed 8643076

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Automatically associated channels: Kir2.1 , Kir3.1 , Kir3.4

Title: Coexpression with potassium channel subunits used to clone the Y2 receptor for neuropeptide Y.

Authors: J M Rimland, E P Seward, Y Humbert, E Ratti, D G Trist, R A North

Journal, date & volume: Mol. Pharmacol., 1996 Mar , 49, 387-90

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Xenopus oocytes were injected with RNAs for the two inward-rectifier potassium channel subunits Kir3.1 (GIRK1) and Kir3.4 (rcKATP or CIR) in addition to RNA from the neuroblastoma cell line KAN-TS. Potassium currents were evoked by neuropeptide Y in oocytes injected with polyadenylated RNA or with cRNA from pools of a neuroblastoma (KAN-TS) cDNA library, and progressive subdivision of responding pools yielded a single cDNA. The encoded protein contains 381 amino acids, has the seven hydrophobic domains characteristic of G protein-coupled receptors, and is 31% identical to the Y1 receptor: potassium currents were induced by neuropeptide Y (EC50=60pm) and Y2-selective analogues. Coexpression with potassium channel subunits will be a generally useful method for the cloning of G protein-coupled receptors.