PubMed 8522159

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Title: Chloride channel 2 gene (Clc2) maps to chromosome 16 of the mouse, extending a region of conserved synteny with human chromosome 3q.

Authors: A Lengeling, M Gronemeier, M Ronsiek, A Thiemann, T J Jentsch, H Jockusch

Journal, date & volume: Genet. Res., 1995 Oct , 66, 175-8

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The Clc2 gene of the mouse codes for the ubiquitously expressed chloride channel ClC-2, a member of a family of at least seven voltage gated chloride channels, some of which are implicated in hereditary diseases. Using a mouse interspecies back-cross panel, we have mapped Clc2 to Chr 16, proximal to the somatostatin gene Smst, extending a region of documented conserved synteny to human Chr 3q.