PubMed 9177773

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Title: Genomic localization of the human gene for KCNA10, a cGMP-activated K channel.

Authors: M Orias, P Bray-Ward, M E Curran, M T Keating, G V Desir

Journal, date & volume: Genomics, 1997 May 15 , 42, 33-7

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Potassium (K) channels are important components of virtually all cells, and they play critical roles in many cellular functions. KCNA10 represents a new class of K channel specifically regulated by cGMP and postulated to mediate the effects of substances that increase intracellular cGMP. Since KCNA10 has the potential to be useful in candidate gene analysis of inherited diseases, the human gene for KCNA10 was characterized. Fluorescence in situ hybridization indicates that human KCNA10 maps to chromosome 1 at p13.1-->p22.1. Finer mapping of the gene was achieved by PCR of a set of CEPH YAC clones that spanned the region of interest. We found that YAC 818b9 contains human KCNA10. These data indicate human KCNA10 maps to 1p13.1 and resides within the genetic interval defined by microsatellite loci D1S2809 and D1S2726. That region of chromosome 1 contains another K channel gene, KCNA3.