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Title: The human inward rectifying K+ channel Kir 2.2 (KCNJ12) gene: gene structure, assignment to chromosome 17p11.1, and identification of a simple tandem repeat polymorphism.

Authors: J P Hugnot, F Pedeutour, C Le Calvez, J Grosgeorge, E Passage, M Fontés, M Lazdunski

Journal, date & volume: Genomics, 1997 Jan 1 , 39, 113-6

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K+ channels are essential for a variety of cellular functions in both excitable and nonexcitable cells, and K+ channel gene alteration has been recently described in cardiac and neurological disorders. To explore further the relations between hereditary human diseases and K+ channels, we isolated from a human cosmid library the gene encoding the inwardly rectifying K+ channel alpha-subunit Kir 2.2 (KCNJ12). PCR analysis performed on this clone indicates that the entire open reading frame is contained in one unique exon. A polymorphic (CA)16 sequence was localized 2.2 kb upstream of the ATG start codon. Fluorescence in situ hybridization on human metaphases assigns the gene to band 17p11.1. The implication of a deletion of the Kir 2.2 gene in the Smith-Magenis syndrome, which is also localized at 17p11, is unlikely since a Kir 2.2-linked microsatellite sequence could be amplified from the DNA of a Smith-Magenis syndrome affected patient bearing a 17p interstitial deletion.