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Title: [The rare syndromic forms of monogenic diabetes in childhood]

Authors: Agnieszka Zmysłowska, Jerzy Bodalski, Wojciech Młynarski

Journal, date & volume: , 2008 , 14, 41-3

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The most frequent form of diabetes in the childhood is type 1 diabetes. Moreover, the rare forms of diabetes have been also identified in children. Besides of neonatal diabetes caused by the mutations in KCNJ11, SUR1 and GCK genes, other forms of monogenic diabetes are associated with different chronic disorders. These rare forms of syndromic diabetes are related to mutations in genes which lead to Wolfram syndrome, Alström syndrome, Wolcott-Rallison syndrome or Roger's/TRMA syndrome. In this paper we discuss the clinical features of rare syndromic forms of monogenic diabetes, which gave suggestions on pathogenic mechanism of the diagnosed diabetes in childhood. This may be helpful for appropriate classification of the epidemiological, clinical and genetic data. It may be useful in the future to the form of the Polish National Survey of rare syndromic forms of monogenic diabetes in childhood.