PubMed 9464266

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Title: Pandinus imperator scorpion venom blocks voltage-gated K+ channels in human lymphocytes.

Authors: M Péter, Z Varga, G Panyi, L Bene, S Damjanovich, C Pieri, L D Possani, R Gáspár

Journal, date & volume: Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 1998 Jan 26 , 242, 621-5

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Using the patch-clamp technique, we determined that Pandinus imperator scorpion venom blocked whole-cell n-type K+ currents in human peripheral blood lymphocytes in a dose-dependent manner with Kd = 0.02 microgram/ml. K+ channel block was instantaneous and removable by washing with venom-free extracellular solution. The venom-induced block was independent of membrane potential. The venom did not influence activation and inactivation kinetics of the K+ channels, however, accelerated recovery from inactivation. Purified peptides Pi1, Pi2, and Pi3 from the P. imperator venom powerfully blocked Kv1.3 channels in human lymphocytes with Kd values of 9.7 nM, 50 pM, and 0.5 nM, respectively. Flow cytometric membrane potential measurements with the oxonol dye showed that Pi2, the most effective peptide toxin of the P. imperator venom, depolarizes human lymphocytes in accordance with its K+ channel blocking effect.