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Title: Physical linkage of the B29/Ig-beta (CD79B) gene to the skeletal muscle, sodium-channel, and growth hormone genes in rat and human.

Authors: S Nakazato, K Nomoto, K Kazahari, M Ono

Journal, date & volume: Genomics, 1998 Mar 15 , 48, 363-8

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In the region between the polyadenylation site of the rat skeletal muscle (SkM) Na-channel gene and the 5' end of the growth hormone (GH) gene, a gene coding for B-cell-specific membrane protein B29/Ig-beta was found and noted to have the same orientation as the Na-channel and GH genes. Rat B29/Ig-beta gene was 3.1 kb in length with six exons and was separated by 3.3 and 9.3 kb from Na-channel and GH genes, respectively. Rat B29/Ig-beta protein comprised 228 amino acids, and its amino acid sequence was 85 and 69% identical with the mouse and human counterparts, respectively. With the long-area PCR method, genomic DNA connecting human SkM Na-channel (SCN4A) and B29/Ig-beta (CD79B) genes and CD79B and GH (GH1) genes was amplified, and the physical linkage of SCN4A/CD79B/ GH1 genes in the human genome was established. The human CD79B gene was separated by 6.3 and 10.5 kb from the SCN4A and GH1 genes, respectively.