PubMed 9649378

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Automatically associated channels: Kv1.5 , Slo1

Title: Evidence for multiple open and inactivated states of the hKv1.5 delayed rectifier.

Authors: T C Rich, D J Snyders

Journal, date & volume: Biophys. J., 1998 Jul , 75, 183-95

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The kinetic properties of hKv1.5, a Shaker-related cardiac delayed rectifier, expressed in Ltk- cells were studied. hKv1.5 currents elicited by membrane depolarizations exhibited a delay followed by biphasic activation. The biphasic activation remained after 5-s prepulses to membrane potentials between -80 and -30 mV; however, the relative amplitude of the slow component increased as the prepulse potential approached the threshold of channel activation, suggesting that the second component did not reflect activation from a hesitant state. The decay of tail currents at potentials between -80 and -30 mV was adequately described with a biexponential. The time course of deactivation slowed as the duration of the depolarizing pulse increased. This was due to a relative increase in the slowly decaying component, despite similar initial amplitudes reflecting a similar open probability after 50- and 500-ms prepulses. To further investigate transitions after the initial activated state, we examined the temperature dependence of inactivation. The time constants of slow inactivation displayed little temperature and voltage dependence, but the degree of the inactivation increased substantially with increased temperature. Recovery from inactivation proceeded with a biexponential time course, but long prepulses at depolarized potentials slowed the apparent rate of recovery from inactivation. These data strongly indicate that hKv1.5 has both multiple open states and multiple inactivated states.