PubMed 10096897

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Title: Evidence for dimerization of dimers in K+ channel assembly.

Authors: L Tu, C Deutsch

Journal, date & volume: Biophys. J., 1999 Apr , 76, 2004-17

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Voltage-gated K+ channels are tetrameric, but how the four subunits assemble is not known. We analyzed inactivation kinetics and peak current levels elicited for a variety of wild-type and mutant Kv1.3 subunits, expressed singly, in combination, and as tandem constructs, to show that 1) the dominant pathway involves a dimerization of dimers, and 2) dimer-dimer interaction may involve interaction sites that differ from those involved in monomer-monomer association. Moreover, using nondenaturing gel electrophoresis, we detected dimers and tetramers, but not trimers, in the translation reaction of Kv1.3 monomers.