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Title: Regulation of rat cardiac Kv1.5 gene expression by thyroid hormone is rapid and chamber specific.

Authors: K Ojamaa, A Sabet, A Kenessey, R Shenoy, I Klein

Journal, date & volume: Endocrinology, 1999 Jul , 140, 3170-6

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Thyroid hormone affects the contractile and electrophysiological properties of the cardiac myocyte that result in part from changes in the expression of thyroid hormone-responsive cardiac genes, including those that regulate membrane ion currents. To determine the molecular mechanisms underlying this effect, expression of a voltage-gated K+ channel, Kv1.5, was measured in response to thyroid hormone. Using quantitative RT-PCR methodology, the content of Kv1.5 messenger RNA (mRNA) in left ventricles of euthyroid rats was 4.25+/-0.6x10(-20) mol/microg total RNA and was decreased by 70% in the hypothyroid rat ventricle to 1.27+/-0.80x10(-20) mol/microg RNA (P<0.01). Administration of T3 to hypothyroid animals restored ventricular Kv1.5 mRNA to control levels within 1 h of treatment, making this the most rapid T3-responsive cardiac gene reported to date. The half-life of Kv1.5 mRNA was 1.9 h and 2.0 h in euthyroid and hypothyroid ventricles, respectively, and T3 treatment of the rats did not alter its half-life. In atrial myocardium, expression of Kv1.5 mRNA (6.10+/-0.37x10(-20) mol/microg RNA) was unaltered by thyroid hormone status. The myocyte-specific and chamber-selective expression of Kv1.5 mRNA was confirmed in primary cultures of rat atrial and ventricular myocytes.