PubMed 10644771

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Automatically associated channels: ClvC1 , ClvC4

Title: Mechanism of inverted activation of ClC-1 channels caused by a novel myotonia congenita mutation.

Authors: J Zhang, M C Sanguinetti, H Kwiecinski, L J Ptácek

Journal, date & volume: J. Biol. Chem., 2000 Jan 28 , 275, 2999-3005

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The voltage-gated chloride channel ClC-1 is the major contributor of membrane conductance in skeletal muscle and has been associated with the inherited muscular disorder myotonia congenita. Here, we report a novel mutation identified in a recessive myotonia congenita family. This mutation, Gly-499 to Arg (G499R) is located in the putative transmembrane domain 10 of the ClC-1 protein. In contrast to normal ClC-1 channels that deactivate upon hyperpolarization, functional expression of G499R ClC-1 yielded a hyperpolarization-activated chloride current when measured in the presence of a high (134 mM) intracellular chloride concentration. Current was abolished when measured with a physiological chloride transmembrane gradient. Electrophysiological analysis of other Gly-499 mutants (G499K, G499Q, and G499E) suggests that the positive charge introduced by the G499R mutation may be responsible for this unique gating behavior. To further explore the function of domain 10, we mutated two charged residues near Gly-499 of ClC-1. Functional analyses of R496Q, R496Q/G499R, R496K, and E500Q mutant channels suggest that the charged residues in domain 10 are important for normal channel function. Study of these mutants may shed further light on the structure and voltage-gating of this channel.