PubMed 9858366

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Title: Short CAG repeats within the hSKCa3 gene associated with schizophrenia: results of a family-based study.

Authors: G Stöber, S Jatzke, J Meyer, O Okladnova, M Knapp, H Beckmann, K P Lesch

Journal, date & volume: Neuroreport, 1998 Nov 16 , 9, 3595-9

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In a family-based association study we investigated transmission of a multiallelic CAG repeat in a novel neuronal potassium channel gene, hSKCa3, in 59 parent/ offspring trios. In contrast to recent reports of an association of moderately large repeats with schizophrenia in case-control studies, our findings indicate that short CAG repeats (< or=19 repeats) are transmitted at an increased frequency to schizophrenic offspring (p=0.014), particularly among familial cases (p=0.007). No evidence for a parent-of-origin effect was found. Multiallelic TDT procedure showed no association of individual CAG repeats to schizophrenia. Further studies using family-based designs should clarify whether hSKCa3 is a susceptibility factor to schizophrenia or co-segregates with a major disease gene in tight linkage.