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Title: Novel chloride channel gene mutations in two unrelated Japanese families with Becker's autosomal recessive generalized myotonia.

Authors: R Sasaki, H Ichiyasu, N Ito, T Ikeda, H Takano, T Ikeuchi, S Kuzuhara, M Uchino, S Tsuji, E Uyama

Journal, date & volume: Neuromuscul. Disord., 1999 Dec , 9, 587-92

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We investigated the skeletal muscle voltage-gated chloride channel gene (CLCN1) in two unrelated Japanese patients with Becker's myotonia congenita. The non-myotonic parents of each patient were consanguineous. The proband of each family shares generalized myotonia, transient weakness after rest, and leg muscle hypertrophy. However, the disease severity related to the degree of myotonia differed, even in view of the response to long train nerve stimulation tests. CLCN1 gene analysis revealed a novel Ala659Val missense mutation identified to be homozygous in the more severe patient, while a novel Gln445Stop nonsense mutation was present in the other patient. Both mutations were absent in 90 Japanese normal controls. This is the first report of Japanese cases of Becker's myotonia congenita with CLCN1 gene mutations.